Extrusion Presses

Baldwin Lima Hamilton Extrusion Press

Baldwin Lima Hamilton Extrusion Press

  • Tonnage: 2100 at 3000 PSI
  • Tonnage: 1800 at 2550 PSI
  • Stroke-Main and Side Rams: 47”
  • Stroke-Piercer Ram: 26”
  • Container Shifting Rams: 15”
  • Speeds in Automatic Mode:
  • Main Ram Rapid Advance: 650 IPM
  • Normal Advance 360 IPM
  • Extrusion at 2100 Ton 145 IPM
  • Piercer Ram Advance 500 IPM
  • Piercer Ram Return 650 IPM
  • Container Shifting Open 29 IPM
  • Container Shifting Close 282 IPM
  • Main Ram Diameter: 40”
  • Side Cylinder Bores: 11.5”
  • Options & Features: Condition: Good – As Taken from Service – Less Electrical.
  • Specifications: (Subject to buyer verification)


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